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Getting The Perfect Blowout Hair For Men In 2023

Written by Juan Stafford Apr 19, 2023 ยท 4 min read
Getting The Perfect Blowout Hair For Men In 2023

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Men's hair trends have been evolving rapidly over the years. From the classic slicked-back hair to the modern undercut, there are plenty of hairstyles to choose from. However, one style that has been gaining popularity among men in recent years is the blowout hair. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about blowout hair for men in the year 2023.

What is Blowout Hair?

Blowout hair is a styling technique that involves using a hairdryer and round brush to add volume and texture to the hair. The end result is a bouncy, full-bodied hairstyle that looks effortless and stylish. This technique is commonly used by women, but in recent years, men have started to embrace it as well.

How to Get the Perfect Blowout Hair?

Getting the perfect blowout hair requires a bit of effort and practice. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Start with Clean Hair

Before blow-drying your hair, make sure it is clean and dry. Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type to ensure that it is properly moisturized and free of any dirt or debris.

Step 2: Apply a Heat Protectant

Blow-drying your hair can cause damage and breakage, especially if you do it frequently. To prevent this, apply a heat protectant spray or cream to your hair before blow-drying.

Step 3: Use a Round Brush

To achieve the perfect blowout hair, you need to use a round brush. Start by sectioning your hair and then use the brush to lift the hair at the roots and blow-dry it in an upward direction. Repeat this process for each section of your hair.

Step 4: Finish with a Cool Shot

Once you have blow-dried your hair, finish with a cool shot of air to set the style and add shine to your hair.

Blowout Hair Products for Men

To achieve the perfect blowout hair, you need to use the right products. Here are some of the essential products you should have in your hair care kit:

1. Hairdryer

Invest in a good quality hairdryer with a nozzle attachment. This will allow you to control the direction of the airflow and achieve the perfect blowout hair.

2. Round Brush

A round brush is essential for creating volume and texture in your hair. Choose a brush with a ceramic or tourmaline coating for faster drying and less damage to your hair.

3. Heat Protectant

As mentioned earlier, a heat protectant is essential for preventing damage to your hair. Look for a product that contains ingredients like argan oil, keratin, or silk protein.

4. Styling Cream or Mousse

To add more volume and hold to your hair, use a styling cream or mousse. Apply a small amount to your hair before blow-drying, and then style as usual.

Blowout Hair Styles for Men

There are several blowout hair styles for men that you can try. Here are some popular options:

1. Messy Blowout

This style is perfect for men who want a casual, laid-back look. To achieve this style, blow-dry your hair in different directions and use your fingers to tousle it.

2. Slicked-Back Blowout

For a more polished and sophisticated look, try the slicked-back blowout. Apply some styling cream to your hair and then use a comb to slick it back. Finish with a cool shot of air to set the style.

3. Side-Parted Blowout

This style is perfect for men with longer hair. Blow-dry your hair in a side-parted style and then use a bit of styling cream to add definition to your hair.


Blowout hair is a versatile and stylish hairstyle that is perfect for men who want to add volume and texture to their hair. With the right products and techniques, you can achieve the perfect blowout hair in no time. So, go ahead and try out this trendy hairstyle in 2023!
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