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Big Curls For Short Hair: A Guide To Achieving Perfect Curls

Written by Juan Stafford Oct 16, 2022 ยท 3 min read
Big Curls For Short Hair: A Guide To Achieving Perfect Curls

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Big curls are a great way to add volume and texture to short hair. Whether you are looking for a casual or formal look, big curls can be styled in a variety of ways. In this article, we will share some tips on how to achieve perfect big curls for short hair.

Tips for Preparing Your Hair

Before you start curling your hair, it is important to prepare it properly. Here are some tips to help you get started: - Start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This will help add volume to your hair, making it easier to curl. - Apply a heat protectant spray to your hair to protect it from heat damage. This is especially important if you plan to use a curling iron. - Use a hair dryer to dry your hair completely. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start curling.

Choosing the Right Curling Iron

Choosing the right curling iron is crucial to achieving perfect big curls. Here are some things to consider when choosing a curling iron: - Barrel size: The barrel size of your curling iron will determine the size of your curls. If you want big curls, choose a curling iron with a larger barrel size. - Heat settings: Make sure your curling iron has adjustable heat settings. This will allow you to choose the right heat setting for your hair type. - Material: Ceramic or tourmaline curling irons are the best choice for creating big curls. They distribute heat evenly and reduce damage to your hair.

How to Curl Your Hair

Now that you have prepared your hair and chosen the right curling iron, it's time to start curling. Here are the steps to follow: - Divide your hair into sections. Start with the bottom section and work your way up. - Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. Hold for 10-15 seconds and release. - Repeat until all sections of your hair are curled. - Once you have curled all sections of your hair, use your fingers to gently separate the curls to create a more natural look.

Styling Your Big Curls

There are many ways to style your big curls. Here are some ideas to get you started: - Half up, half down: Pull the top half of your hair back and secure it with a clip or hair tie. - Side part: Create a deep side part and brush your curls to one side. - Updo: Create a low bun or chignon with your big curls.


Q: Can I achieve big curls on short hair? A: Yes, you can achieve big curls on short hair. Just make sure to use a curling iron with a large barrel size and follow the steps outlined in this article. Q: How do I prevent my curls from falling out? A: To prevent your curls from falling out, make sure to use a hair spray to hold your curls in place. You can also use a curl-enhancing cream to help define your curls. Q: How often should I curl my hair? A: It is best to avoid curling your hair every day. Curling your hair too often can cause damage and breakage. Try to limit curling your hair to once or twice a week. Q: Can I achieve big curls without using a curling iron? A: Yes, you can achieve big curls without using a curling iron. You can use hot rollers, a curling wand, or even braid your hair overnight for a more natural look.
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